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The history of Magnetic SL

The French expert in False Magnetic Eyelashes!



Like all great success stories, Magnetic SL was born out of a chance meeting on an ordinary day in November. 

After a hard day's work, our founder went to a Parisian café for a well-deserved moment of relaxation.
To enjoy a little peace and quiet and unwind.  

He settles down at a table and then looks up for someone to take his order.

He was looking for a waiter who could help him

But it is then that he meets the gaze of a young woman, with the look of fire in her eyes. 

A bewitching look, which immediately captivates him. 

He can't take his eyes off her, her eyes plunging into his own.

And it remains like that for a moment that seems like an eternity, in an image that is frozen forever in his mind.

His eyes gazed into those of the woman who would become his wife just a few years later.




Following this experience, he gave himself a mission.

To offer this power of seduction to any woman.

To give this charm and intensity of the eyes, to all women who desire it.

This is how Magnetic SL was born.

Investing significantly in the search for the perfect solution. 

And to recreate that unique look that had so charmed and seduced him.

Through countless hours, it was finally possible for all women to have this look.

By offering women high quality false magnetic eyelashes.

Spreading charm and elegance to all those who desire it. 



But why false magnetic eyelashes?

Instead of the traditional false lashes that are applied with glue.

Because they are so easy to use, you can put them on and take them off in the blink of an eye. 

Giving you total freedom of use.

For false eyelashes that are both alluring and practical!

All this for an inexpensive and more affordable price.




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